Jun 292014
Eli Wallach: Celebrating The Life Of A Legend

Tweet Eli Wallach passed away this week at age 98. The world has lost one of the finest actors of our time and a wonderful man. A few years ago I had the privilege of spending an amazing afternoon interviewing Eli for our Emmy Award winning television show, Cool In Your Code which aired on NYCTV. I will always treasure that time as one of the highlights of my life. Our four-hour interview was edited into a four-minute segment that won an Emmy Award. (Here’s a link to [read more]

Mar 132012
Mad Men: "Living" Social. Re-imagined

Tweet Article first published as Mad Men: Back (Finally). And Back To The Future. on Blogcritics. Compelling Content And Characters Transcend Time And Place. Mad Men Season 5 is upon us and we’re ready to head back to the ’60s—the Golden Age of advertising, decades before the internet, digital communications and social media. Mad Men is quintessential 1960s Madison Avenue, yet the show has been enthusiastically adopted and adapted by today’s digitally enabled viewers as well as modern Mad Men (and Women). While the narrative of Mad Men is firmly entrenched in [read more]

Jun 062011
Innovation: It Makes The World Go 'Round

Tweet Article first published as Innovation – It Makes The World Go ‘Round on Blogcritics. The Social Media Inside Of Innovation Innovation is all around us and impacts just about every aspect of our lives. In today’s digital, technology empowered world the pace of innovation is ever increasing. Concurrently, the performance bar is also being raised in everything from product development, service delivery, creativity, design, and workplace management. It is very easy to get swept away by the technology of innovation…it can be amazing. So, it [read more]

May 302011
Unleashing The Soft Impact Of Knowledge Sharing

Tweet Article first published as Unleashing the Soft Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Blogcritics. Creating Commitment, Connection And Community Technology and the people driving it are changing the way we see and experience just about everything, especially the dissemination of knowledge in meetings, events, seminars and classrooms. Over the past few years  I’ve been honored to speak at a number of events… everything from digital marketing summits, social media conferences, event planning think tanks, American Heart Association global conferences, Asset-Based Thinking workshops to local town hall [read more]

Sep 232010
Making The Most Of Change

Tweet Leverage Strengths, Skills & Savvy To Maximize Assets Present In Any Situation.   Change Agents don’t have to look very far or too closely to spot resistance.  Setbacks are commonplace.  Unwanted and unintended circumstances abound and come from many directions…economic issues, internal politics, revenue shortfalls, entrenched legacy systems, etc. Professional and personal disappointments always arise. None of us is exempt.  That’s why Asset-Based Thinking in the face of difficult situations is so important and so useful. With ABT, build your power and influence by [read more]

Jul 092010
Meetings: Leveraging The People Power Of Technology And Tweets

Tweet Over the past few months I’ve attended or spoken at more than a half dozen events and meetings. All different and very worthwhile. Last month I was fortunate to attend The World Innovation Forum in New York City. This particular event was a gathering of some great thought leaders across an array of industries, causes and companies. (More on the highlights and impressions from this powerful conference soon.) This post is about how technology and  connection are changing the very nature and experience of [read more]

May 102010
From Mad Man To Twitterholic

Tweet HOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS CHANGING MADISON AVENUE No, I’m not Don Draper from Mad Men. But I’m an ad guy. I teach advertising in the grad school at USC and, yes, I am a twitterholic, @hankwasiak. My career in advertising started in the Mad Men era and I am fortunate to still be doing what I love at The Concept Farm, a very cool creative company located on .85 acres in the heart of Chelsea in New York City. I’ve gone from a Mad [read more]

May 012010
"Enlightened" Profit. A Better Way To Build A Business.

Tweet VALUES ARE THE KEY TO BUILDING VALUE In previous posts I covered highlights from the outstanding line-up of thought leaders who spoke at The World Business Forum, 2009. (An Afternoon Of Concern and Contrast at The World Business Forum) One of the big observations that came out of the conference concerned an enlightened view of profit that encompasses both hard and soft assets. More and more of today’s CEO’s now see a three tiered metric of profit as essential to building a strong and [read more]

Apr 132010
Boomers: Your "Social" Best Can Be Next!

Tweet See The Future Through A “What’s In The Glass” Mindset How many times have you heard people ask… “Is he or she a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty person?” It’s a simple question designed to get at how people generally perceive and approach life. Are they a positive or negative person, an optimist or pessimist, a doer or a doubter, etc.? In actuality, this is an irrelevant question because the the answer is it’s both. The opportunity is to focus on making the most of [read more]

Feb 082010
The Best Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See on Sunday

Tweet Pepsi’s “opt out” of the Super Bowl and “opt in” to Social Media Is A Game Winner. Sure, with over 90 million viewers the Super Bowl is the one of the most watched events on the planet. Its commercials have become an essential part of Super Bowl appeal and folklore. Super Bowl spots generate more buzz than the half time show spectaculars. Last week Nielsen released a study that shows more viewers like watching the ads than they do the game by a margin [read more]