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Creating this post has inspired me to borrow and slightly change a famous Tom Cruise line from the film, Jerry Maguire. “Show Me The Assets” That will be the focus and lens through which I’ll be creating my blog posts at next week’s World Business Forum. Asset-Based Thinking In Action


The World Business Forum brings together thought leaders, business gurus and legendary CEOs to address critical issues facing businesses today. There will be about 5000 attendees from all over the world. I will be one of about 50 people designated as “some of the best business bloggers” embedded right in the middle of all the action. There will be a Bloggers Hub complete with high speed internet access and all the electronic bells and whistles we’ll need to report live from the conference.

Big Agenda Items

WBF StageAs with past Forums, the two day event will be held on the big stage at Radio City Music Hall and it will very likely yield some interesting ideas and provocative headlines. We expect this year’s event to be a bit more intense since it comes a full year after the financial and economic mess that washed over the world. The usual suspects of Big Agenda items will be discussed – the financial crisis, energy policy, healthcare, and globalization. They will be tackled by a high profile A list of of leaders and personalities including Bill Clinton,Jeffrey Sachs,George Lucas and T.Boone Pickens.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Perhaps even more importantly, there will also be a powerhouse group of business leaders discussing extremely important day to day, on the ground topics and issues that are critical to achieving success in today’s global environment. Here’s a short list of some of the speakers and topics

  • Irene Rosenfeld on Leading Transformational Change
  • Gary Hamel on Management Innovation
  • Patrick Lecioni on Building Winning Teams
  • Bill George on Leadership In Times of Crisis
  • Bill Conaty on Talent Management

Listening “Softer” To See Deeper

As an asset-based thinker I’ll be looking at how speakers address solutions rather than explaining problems, move from threat as challenge, turn shortcomings into aspirations and leverage collaboration versus competition. These are the approaches that will help motivate and effectuate tangible, positive change and momentum going forward.


The other great opportunity at this event will be listening to the buzz and chatter of the thousands of businessmen in the audience and observing their body language. The CMOs CFOs, Product Development Specialists, Planners, Human Resource Professionals, CIOs, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners without whom change and innovation would not make it to the marketplace.

Valuing Values Based Businesses

Hopefully we will hear a great deal of discussion and glean some insights about Values Based business models. Learning how businesses look beyond their hard assets to the softer “values based” assets that are increasingly important today. Hard assets are cost of entry in today’s competitive marketplace. Intangible, “soft assets” will the drivers of differentiation that add value and propel businesses, large and small, to greatness. What those softer assets are and how they are leveraged to add value will vary from business to business. As a start, here’s my short list of assets that I’d be looking for as business drivers for values based businesses.

Certificate With Seal

I’m sure there are others. Feel free to leave some comments and send me your thoughts.

So, please check back next week to see what transpires at the World Business Forum and you can follow my updates on Twitter…@hankwasiak

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