Articles and Writings:

In addition to my blogs on this site and, I write articles for magazines, e-zines, guest post on other blogs and provide interviews. I also write for Technorati’s and have regular Culture feature called Asset-Based Thinking In Action. Here are some links to a sampling of some of this work. Look forward to hearing from you about them.



The Ripon Forum-Hank's Brand America Article


I was asked by the editors of the Ripon Forum, the official magazine of the Republican Party, to write an article in their July 2006 issue about my thoughts on the state of the American Brand around the world. I agreed on the condition that I have full editorial control. They agreed. The result was piece that was very well received and picked up and syndicated by the Associated Press as one of their lead July 4th articles. It also landed me a few radio interviews on both liberal and conservative talk radio stations. Best of all, I came away with a renewed respect for the principles and values that make America the best country on the planet.

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