Oct 112009
A Brave New Interdependent World @ The World Business Forum

Tweet A potpourri of international CEOs, a Nobel prize winner, management visionary and Bill Clinton. The bloggers hub got off to a slow start the morning of day 2 due in part to a tasty and lively bloggers dinner the night before. Nevertheless, we were treated to another action packed day capped off by an address by Bill Clinton. Globalization 2.0 – An Interdependent Economic and Ecological Geo-System The first part of the day lived up to its billing…International Insights. The morning was rich with [read more]

Oct 082009
An Afternoon Of Concern And Contrast At The World Business Forum

Tweet The sky is falling….maybe The beginning of the afternoon at the World Business Forum can best be summed up as a sobering barrage of the pitfalls, perils, and problems ahead of us. David Rubenstein, founder of the Carlyle Group, the world’s largest private equity firm, presented a non-stop litany of facts to drive home his admonition that “Just because the recession will be ‘over’ soon doesn’t mean it’s all going to be OK.” His command of the numbers and their implications was simultaneously amazing [read more]

Oct 072009
Morning Wisdom From The World Business Forum - Day 1

Tweet Sitting in the front row in the Bloggers Hub at The World Business Forum. Wired, ready to go and surrounded by 50 of the best bloggers on the planet. A bit intimidating. These are some of the most savvy social media folks around, smart thinkers, great writers and they type a lot faster than me. Undaunted, I’ve put on my Asset-Based Thinking lenses and will be viewing the conference with an eye towards how speakers address positive change and momentum. I’ll also be drawing [read more]

Oct 062009
Bloggers Hub At The World Business Forum Opens To Rave Reviews

Tweet Positive Social Media Adrenaline Amps Up Business Events Reporting live on Day 1 as a featured blogger at the World Business Forum (#wbf09) at Radio City Music hall in NYC. A beautiful day in the Big Apple for a Big Idea business conference. Bloggers Hub Buzz Even before the speeches begin one of the event’s unique features is generating a great deal of positive chatter. The event organizers, HSM get a big Asset-Based Thinking shout out for creating the Bloggers Hub. It is a [read more]

Oct 012009
The World Business Forum - Show Me The Assets!

Tweet Creating this post has inspired me to borrow and slightly change a famous Tom Cruise line from the film, Jerry Maguire. “Show Me The Assets” That will be the focus and lens through which I’ll be creating my blog posts at next week’s World Business Forum. Asset-Based Thinking In Action The World Business Forum brings together thought leaders, business gurus and legendary CEOs to address critical issues facing businesses today. There will be about 5000 attendees from all over the world. I will be [read more]

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